9 innovative logo design trends

A brand isn't solely the face of a business, however conjointly a logo of the time within which it had been created. Recognizing brand style trends is a vital a part of selecting a brand style vogue that feels recent and relevant, and there’s no higher time to induce on course than the dawn of the year.

Here are 9 logo design trends that you need to know about in 2018
Responsive, contextual logos

We reside in associate age wherever emblem designers should not solely produce esthetically pleasing styles, however should even have deep understanding of the various contexts during which those styles can be applied. Posters, business cards, signs, installations, advertisements and packaging square measure solely a couple of samples of places a emblem will find yourself. In 2018 keep your eyes unclothed for associate hyperbolic awareness to context in emblem style.

Architectural inspiration

While basing a brand style off of associate degree branch of knowledge style is nothing new, it’s resurging in quality in clever, innovative ways that. Physical area has continually been vital in making a whole identity (think however each Starbucks and Apple store “feels” the same). As we have a tendency to get in associate degree progressively digital world, designers ar finding ways that not solely to capture the design of branch of knowledge landmarks, however conjointly the way to embody the ideas behind the physical manifestation of the whole through their visual interpretation.


Fun are some things that sells on the subject of additionally as sex. whereas fun has perpetually been a staple in brand style, this state of economic uncertainty can be exalting individuals to counteract negativity with funnier styles than ever! Fun is tough to resist, and it comes within the style of bright colors, smart vibes and cute characters. This year we tend to hope to examine fun logos left and right, creating 2018 a year that produces you smile!

Pushing metaphors to the extreme

Metaphors are never new emblem style, however the ever-expanding reach of curiosity inventive exploration within the style community has recently caused them to become a pay attention of deep creative exploration. This year we must always see emblem designers pushing metaphors to their extreme, with thoughtful and clever ideas that offer additional depth to a emblem than visuals will alone.

Experimental techniques in typography

From old style font to Helvetica, typography has continually been subject to experimentation—from the event of recent craft shapes to the modification of pre-existing typefaces exploitation illustrative or photographic techniques. It doesn’t finish there either. This forthcoming year we must always see continued experimentation in typography, with each innovative ideas and new realizations of however pre-existing technology will apply to the present medium.

Grid-based logos

Grids have compete the role of backbone in graphic style ever since Josef Müller-Brockmann set out the basics of theory on the topic in 1981. Grids have the facility to portray logic, theory, management and perfection. In a sense, it’s a trend that’s ne'er ended—only come back and gone in waves. supported styles we’ve seen lately, we are able to expect a healthy serving of terribly obvious grids in brand style this year.

Layering and masking of patterns and color

Layering and masking are a complicated techniques that involve victimization patterns to reveal, or contain, extra content at intervals shapes. It’s usually refined and might simply go below the radiolocation. therewith same, this method features a heap of space for experimentation in each abstract and abstract approach. That’s why we’re golf shot the spotlight thereon.

Simple typography paired with monograms

There’s continuously be an area for the classics. recently we’ve been seeing a revival of straightforward, well-crafted typefaces paired with monograms. Designers square measure honing their skills with classic typefaces of the past, that involves giving precise attention to the fundamental parameters of emblem typography: face alternative, kerning and letter-spacing.

Fundamental geometric shapes

Typography isn’t the sole side of emblem style receiving simplification of late. the particular shapes utilized in logos have yet, with Associate in Nursing accumulated concentrate on stripped pure mathematics, or pure mathematics created with a less-is-more perspective. once you inspect a number of the benefits of this style—like stigmatization skillfulness, straightforward readability and instant impact—it becomes clear that we should always be seeing additional in 2018!

A year of contradicting logo trends in 2018

2018 appearance to be a noteworthy year for emblem style trends. we have a tendency to see each experimental typography and a come back to basics. we have a tendency to see straightforward grids and pure mathematics, additionally as advanced applications and layering of color and pattern. it's to be a year wherever boundaries square measure pushed, and that we can’t wait to examine what the designers of the planet come back up with!